Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ProActive in Docker containers

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.0.0 is available on the Docker hub, now!

How to run ProActive Workflows & Scheduling inside Docker

1) Have Docker and Docker Compose installed
2) Get the ProActive Docker Compose file here
3) Save the ProActive Docker Compose file as docker-compose.yml
4) Run "docker-compose up" in the same directory as the ProActive Docker Compose file
5) Wait  for the "*** Get started at http:/[IP]:8080 ***" message
6) Browse to http://[IP]:8080
7) Login with default login: admin:admin

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Add Docker to your legacy systems with ProActive

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.0 is out! Which has an exciting new feature, Docker containers are supported inside Workflows.

Docker container support > now < in ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.0. It combines the strength of supporting, keeping and combining legacy systems with the newly added Docker containers support. That enables everyone to combine legacy systems with new cutting edge technology/systems.
Get access through:

What is ProActive Workflows & Scheduling?

Quick introduction to our:

  • Workflow based Scheduler
  • Resource Manager
  • Web interfaces

Quick introduction

Our Workflow Scheduler allows to compose bigger tasks out of smaller components, by creating Workflows. Workflows consist out of many languages and can contain services and batch tasks. So they provide a lot of freedom in solving problems, collecting and analyzing data and much more. The best part about it is, it is automatically distributed, but more about that in the Scheduler section.

The Scheduler knows all about jobs and tasks, a ProActive Workflow is represented as a job and the Workflow's building blocks are called tasks. It communicates with the Resource Manager to distribute all the work. Resources are maximally utilized because the Scheduler knows what needs to go first for an efficient resource utilization, while not breaking the constraints of the Workflows. So your workload is automatically distributed and the advanced fault tolerance ensures error-recovery after hardware and software failures.

Resource Manager
The Resource Manager knows all resources and everything about them. Resources can be removed and added at runtime, ProActive’s fault tolerance will ensure proper execution of Workflows even if nodes are removed or fail. Best about it is: it is very easy to scale, just one command adds or removes new resources.

Many more features

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling has many more features than introduced in the speedy introduction. If you are interested in something particular, contact us or visit our website.

Legacy systems? - ProActive has you covered

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is a perfect fit with your legacy system. We at Activeeon have many years of experience with bringing legacy systems together and adding new functionality to the mix. Legacy systems can be re-written inside the ProActive Studio or can be accessed inside Workflows, without touching them. Due to the flexibility of Workflows, new systems can be added just fine.

Working many years with customers brought a wide support of languages for our Studio. Including:

  • Python
  • Bash
  • R
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • And more....

Our ProActive Workflows allow you to combine all types of languages in one Workflow, to reach your goal faster, and without changing your working legacy code.

If you are familiar with High Performance Computing, you might know:

  • IBM Platform LSF
  • PBS Pro

We connect all of them and combine access in our single web interface.
If you have worked with legacy systems, you know that you better keep them running as long as they do, because changes can be expensive.
But Docker has shaken the IT world and made many things easier and faster than before, and now, with ProActive Workflows & Scheduling you can use the newest technologies next to your legacy systems.

Docker support in Workflows & Scheduling

Finally the day arrived to announce Docker support inside ProActive Workflows & Scheduling.
It gives you many advantages:

  • Advanced ProActive Workflows & Scheduling fault tolerance for your Docker containers
  • Run Docker and legacy systems without updating existing code
  • Improve your resource utilization significantly

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling brings advanced fault tolerance features to Docker containers:

  • Resilient to hardware failures
  • Resilient to software errors

Re-execute your Docker containers automatically on different hardware if one or more fail.
If your software experiences errors, re-execute X times in Y different environments.

Run Docker containers alongside legacy systems:

  • Integrate Docker containers in your legacy system mix
  • Don't touch any legacy system
  • ProActive Workflows & Scheduling combines legacy and new systems

Improve your resource utilization significantly
Docker containers, in a distributed environment, need efficient resource management, otherwise machines will be over- or under-utilized.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling has an effective resource management which reaches high efficiency, and scales your infrastructure according to the current demand.

Want to have a try?

Open source and free!
No installation required, as a web-app or download at: