Wednesday, January 9, 2019

5 cases to leverage scheduling notifications

You may already have experienced a frustration when you had to stare at a screen for something to complete or manually check if something has been completed properly. Notification systems tend to answer those situations by being proactive.

In the case of scheduling systems such as Activeeon ProActive, the greatest value lies in managing finite resources, automation, long running tasks, etc. Those cases greatly benefit from alerts. Activeeon has identified this need from customers and has developed a notification system embedded into the solution and accessible in a few clicks.

We will present you in this short article 5 uses cases, but first a bit of configuration might be required.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

6 key/values storage space within a workflow to fit any use cases

Have you ever encountered how difficult it could be to manage variables on a workflow that can be distributed across multiple resources? How to manage the dependency? How to get information in and out of a container or through firewalls?

For those questions, Activeeon offers multiple solutions that adapt to all your use cases. You will learn here about the main ways to share variables between tasks whether or not they are executed within a container, behind a firewall or in different resource providers.