Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Build Your Employee Self-Service Portal With ProActive

 In the past few years, people are consuming more and more services to perform their jobs properly. Managing them is the role of the IT department. However some employees might want to bypass this department to be faster which can create what is called “shadow IT”. Some others might be frustrated at being queued and waiting for additional checks to be performed.

 A solution for this situation needs to balance IT and non-IT needs by providing a user friendly interface which is fast for non-IT (from another department) users and provides governance for IT users. More precisely, this could be achieved by joining all possible applications and services into a single platform. This way, application and service lifecycles can be easily managed and custom templates can be made available for all to use (and create). This would allow for faster and more agile deployment as well as improve governance by giving visibility over the current services and by using a common standard.

 ProActive Cloud Automation offers a solution through a self-service portal to monitor and manage application and service lifecycles. The IT department can easily create templates which follow business policies and could be made available to user groups.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Network State Selection for Data Transfer

 Many applications such as online meetings and video streaming need to transmit large amount of data as quickly as possible. Good signal is consequently required for those transmissions, otherwise you might experience web conferences cutting or video pausing at unexpected time. Other applications need to send content with appropriate quality according to signal strength.

Resource selection based on network properties

 However, the quality of said signal can vary due to external parameters. Fortunately, networks are redundant which allow multiple paths with different properties to lead to the same device. This is why there is a use for flows to pass by carefully chosen resources. This choice may be made according to values such as ping and/or bandwidth.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cloud Wastes, 7 Recommendations

Accessing new resources has never been easier than today with public cloud providers offering compute power on an hourly based with varying specs such as GPU, RAM, CPU, etc. However, recent articles over the web have come to the same conclusion, companies are wasting money in the cloud.

“RightScale reveals that cloud users could reduce their spend by an average of 35 percent by making better use of resources.” BetaNews
“The benefits of shifting business applications to Web-friendly cloud services is proving far more complex than lining up a partner and flipping a switch” Wall Street Journal
“More and more companies are migrating to the cloud for computing power, but many are actually wasting too much money on unused services.”

To quickly summarize, the main reasons behind these cloud leaks mentioned across these articles are oversized resource, resource not required at all time and algorithm not resource aware.

7 Recommendations and Best Practices