Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3D Game Remote Rendering with ProActive

ActiveEon is again on the cloud, providing real solutions to real use cases.

Within the framework of CompatibleOne project, ActiveEon collaborated with INRIA Sophia Antipolis and Eureva to furnish a proof of concept that represents the future of game computing, or as we like to call it, cloud gaming. 

It does not really matter whether your workstation has a powerful GPU to stand heavy 3D rendering loads, because as long as your Internet connection bandwidth is good enough, the cloud will do the hard work for you. 
3D Game Rendering scenario 

Launching a game in the cloud has become very simple with ProActive framework. The Game Player simply chooses a game from Eureva's Cloud Gaming Client interface. At this point the Eureva Games Broker receives the request and processes it. When constraints are determined, a resources request is sent to CompatibleOne Broker which uses a ProActive connector to furnish ProActive enabled physical resources matching constraints, like CPU, physical memory, existence of GPU, among others. After ProActive has booked the correct resources from the ProActive Games Infrastructure, the game is launched together with a streaming server that allows your computer to receive streaming with heavy frames processed in the cloud. 

Take a look at our video at ActiveEon's Youtube Portal and let us know if you see future as we do.