Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Legal & General Use Case

Resource consumption optimization and cloud leverage

Financial institutions are heavy consumers of computer resources for calculation of risks, opportunities, etc. They will take advantage of schedulers to ensure good distribution of workloads onto their existing infrastructure and minimize computing needs. Today let’s focus on Legal & General (L&G) case study and their transition to the new generation of open source scheduler.

Background and Specifications

Legal & General Group plc is a British multinational financial services company headquartered in London (UK). Its products include life insurance, general insurance, pensions and investments. It has operations in the United Kingdom, Egypt, France, Germany, the Gulf, India, the Netherlands and the United States. Their market capitalisation is at £13.5bn and they have £746bn assets under management.

Technologically, L&G used to base its Economic Capital and Solvency II simulation on IBM AlgoBatch. Their objective was to migrate from a private datacenter and Tibco DataSynapse to Azure Cloud and hybrid scheduling solution. Part of this migration the specifications were to handle Solvency II analysis on 2.5 million Monte Carlo scenarios, dynamically define and prioritize workloads and minimize time to delivery of results.