Friday, June 23, 2017

Workflow Catalog through Examples

Introduction with an example : the workflow lifecycle management

Today let’s discover the new workflow catalog from ProActive. In a few words, the Workflow Catalog is a ProActive component that provides storage and versioning of Workflows through a REST API.

For a simplified explanation, we have here an example of ProActive utilization with three buckets. Each buckets represents a different stage of the workflow lifecycle. For instance, the workflow1, in the development bucket, was edited 3 times at the moment. Each edition corresponds to a revision. All the people who have access to the same bucket can read and write on all the workflows and their revisions.

A few use cases :

How would you handle sharing workflows ? Since buckets can be accessed by several users, transferring workflows between buckets simplifies the sharing process.

What about when you need a specific workflow within hundreds ? Don’t worry, use the search tool to narrow the list returned. Parameters such as owner can be used, other custom fields are also available thanks to generic information (e.g. infrastructure, language, etc.).

You found new bugs in the latest workflow revision ? The delete function can remove a selected revision to come back to another version.

Now let’s try some of these functions :