Friday, August 26, 2016

Submitting ProActive Workflows with Linux cURL

Using the cURL in a linux command line (bash) is a very convenient and resource efficient way to submit workflows.
We need to login and store the current session id with the command:

sessionid=$(curl --data 'username=admin&password=admin' \ http://localhost:8080/rest/scheduler/login)

One can login with curl using username and password as header parameter, transmitted with -H. The result is written into the sessionid variable. The session id can be displayed with echo $sessionid.

Workflows can be submitted with cURL:

curl --header "sessionid:$sessionid" \
 --form \ "file=@filename.xml;type=application/xml" \

The session id variable is inserted into the header and the @ notation allows to send files directly to the server.

Advanced: Workflow Submission with Variables

Workflow variables can be send in the submission URL. Those variables will be replaced.

curl --header "sessionid:$sessionid" \
 --form "file=@file.xml;type=application/xml" \

Important: the URL is now embedded in double quotes "", only then the matrix parameters are properly transferred. Variables are separated by semicolon ;

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