Friday, August 17, 2018

Smart Resource Policies for Cloud Savings

As organizations adopt cloud technologies through hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, workloads and applications require more focus on the management of resources. In order to reduce the cloud bill, elastic resource policies needs to be configured and setup.

Traditional schedulers and orchestrators focus on executing workloads without much focus on the underlying resource. Activeeon ProActive includes a Resource Manager that enables admins to setup smart behaviors on the resource pool. For instance, elasticity can be setup based on specific working times or in more advanced cases setup based on the load waiting in the queue. Once configured, business line users can focus on their processes and how to add value.

Infrastructures and Policies

Activeeon ProActive includes in its Resource Manager two key concepts: infrastructure and policy. The infrastructure defines the mechanism to interact with the actual resource. This could vary from ssh to Rest API depending on the resource provider. The policy defines triggers and which actions to perform.


The solution natively supports multiple infrastructures: Azure, AWS, IBM Softlayer, OpenStack, SSH, etc. For a complete list, create an account and go on the resource manager interface.


The solution includes policies useful for multiple purposes. Below are a few examples:

Cron Policy: Deploy resources at 8am and close them at 8pm

Total Core Policy: Keep specific number of resources available

Load Based Policy: Deploy new resources if the queue is above a threshold and close them when they have not been used for 5min

Beyond traditional use cases

Now, let's explore some ways Activeeon customers are leveraging those features to improve their service levels and improve efficiency.

Scale beyond static resources

As business users are becoming more and more tech savy and algorithms more and more resource consuming, traditional datacenter cannot cope at reasonable cost with the peaks of demand. The cloud is consequently the ideal solution to burst.

Activeeon ProActive is agnostic to the underlying resource which enables any workflow to run on-prem as well as in the cloud. An elastic policy can be setup upon heavy demand to provide high service and response time to the various users.

Offer a wide range of resources to your users

On one hand, Activeeon ProActive enables advanced and granular control on the overall resource pool. On the other hand, cloud providers (CSPs) offers a wide range of resources that will satisfy any business needs. With Activeeon ProActive, it is possible to match those needs on demand.

First, when a business line user develop its workflow. He/She can setup a Selection Script to specify the resource type expected. This could be used to select an host but it can also be used to select a specific resource pool such as one with GPU, one with high RAM, etc.

Secondly, on the admin side, it is possible to setup multiple elastic resource pools (called Node Source in ProActive) that will fetch new resources in the cloud when a task will be in the queue waiting. Indeed, those specific resources, even if necessary, can be costly and rarely used. An elastic system is the best answer to optimize TCO.

With little configuration, the system can then be setup to answer any business line needs. Business users can focus on innovation and on their business process without any knowledge of the underlying infrastructure.

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