Monday, November 7, 2016

Automated Workflow Translation to modern and Open Source Schedulers

Digital Transformation and Migration to the Cloud with Open Solutions

In the past couple of years new trends emerged in IT, more precisely, it could be noticed that companies are investigating new ways to leverage their Big Data, hybrid cloud infrastructure and IoT devices. This trend is leading to new business requirements which are redefining IT architecture with greater focus on flexibility and automation.

Current legacy software struggles to answer those needs which makes companies investigating open solutions. The value is evolving from infrastructure optimization to include platform connectors and Open Rest Api. Consequently, open source solutions have an edge since they offer a comprehensive communication system which allows a complete integration with existing tools. In conclusion, a migration towards open solution will ease IT digital transformation, migration to the Cloud, etc. and support future business needs.

To support the migration from one scheduler to another, ActiveEon offers its service to automatically translate workflows between Control-M (BMC), Autosys (CA), Dollar Universe (Automic), One Automation (Automic) ProActive (ActiveEon), etc.

This service will particularly benefit big companies with thousands of workflows such as Banks, Insurance companies, Financial institutions, Telecoms, Government agencies, etc. Indeed, at this scale, automation is advised for a quick migration process.

Migration Tool

Each scheduler has its own constraints, rules and set of features to comply with business requirements. Translating from one solution to another is not straightforward. An iterative approach is consequently required to customize and perfect the translation process to overcome the limits of a simple script. Through an injector technology, ActiveEon enables companies to automatically translate workflows and customize the migration process according to specific business needs.

More specifically, moving to ProActive will be eased by ActiveEon’s expertise. Business requirements will be more quickly analyzed and linked to ProActive’s features which simplifies injector customization process.

Moving to ProActive also includes a recommendation phase. Indeed, each business can then leverage the new offered features such as:

  • Advanced error management
  • Hybrid cloud management
  • Cloud bursting (elastic cloud and dynamic resource management)
  • etc.

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