Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Feature! Preview Intermediary and Final Results.

The “Task Preview” feature allowed you to access the results of individual tasks as soon as the task ended. It worked fine for common types but could be cumbersome for more complex cases. This is why we decided to improve it.

Goodbye Task Preview long live Task Result!

Now (as of Proactive Workflow&Scheduling 7.20), each task comes with a resultMetadata map, related to the “result”, which can contain the following informations:

  1. file.extension,
  2. file.name,
  3. content.type specifying how the browser should open the result.

After the task’s execution, the result can then be opened in a browser or downloaded from the Preview tab in Scheduler.

See also the documentation

You can see this feature in action by using this workflow on our online platform: try.activeeon.com.

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